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5 Signs the Nursing Home Could Be Neglecting Mom or Dad

It is an unfortunate reality for the 1.4 million seniors living in nursing homes that the majority of these homes are understaffed. Nursing homes that are understaffed or inadequately prepared to take care of the elderly can easily lead to neglectful treatment of their patients. If you suspect your parent is being neglected at their nursing home, look for one of these common signs.

 1) Your loved one has a change in their personal hygiene

Nursing home staff are expected to help the elderly with basic personal hygiene needs: brushing their teeth, brushing their hair, showering, getting dressed, clipping their nails and more. If a nursing home is not taking care of these basic needs, take notice.

 2) They have unexplained injuries

Bruises, bumps and anything more serious are telltale signs of neglect. Be aware of any unexplained accidents.

3) There is a noticeable change in their behavior or mood

When someone is neglected, it can manifest emotionally as well as physically.  Pay attention to changes in mood or behavior or if your loved one is acting withdrawn.

 4) They experience sudden weight loss or dehydration

If your loved one is not receiving the nutrition or hydration they require, sudden weight loss or dehydration could be a sign that the nursing home is neglecting to meet their basic dietary needs.

5) There are unsanitary living conditions

If nursing staff has failed to keep your mom or dad’s room clean, change bedding frequently and keep the bathroom sanitary, this neglect could lead to sickness.

Contact an Attorney for Nursing Home Neglect

If you have noticed one of the signs above, or anything else that is making you wonder if your loved one is being neglected, contact a lawyer for nursing home neglect for a free consultation. A lawyer experienced in nursing home litigation will guide your next steps in righting the situation for your loved ones.

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