5 Steps to Take After a Car Accident

Car accidents are the most common type of personal injury, with the U.S. Census Bureau reporting about 10 million car accidents every year. It’s important to know what to do should you find yourself in the unfortunate-but-common situation of a car collision. Follow these five steps:

 1. Pull over and call 911

Pull to the side of the road and out of traffic, if there’s room, and put on your hazards. Even if there’s not real damage, it’s a good idea to call 911 – and especially is someone has been injured.

2. Exchange car insurance information

Approach the other driver and exchange your car insurance information. The insurance companies – yours and the other driver’s – will contact each other to determine who pays for the damages.

3. Take photos and gather witnesses

Take photos of the scene and damage, and get the contact information of anyone who witnessed the accident. Your insurance company and the police may choose to contact witnesses.

4. Get a police report

If a police officer doesn’t examine the scene and file an official report, the case will turn into your word against the other driver’s. In some states, you can file a police report up to 72 hours later, but naturally the details won’t be as accurate as an on-scene review.

5. Contact a car accident attorney

If you’re concerned that you will not be rewarded proper damages for your injuries, property damage, emotional distress and lost wages, discuss the accident with a car accident attorney. In Northwest Arkansas, the car accident attorneys at Rainwater, Holt & Sexton offer free consultations.

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