Arkansas Disability Victims Denied Social Security Benefits

Social Security Disability benefits aren’t going to make anyone rich. They’re not a handout, and they aren’t something anyone wants to need. They are a lifeline for disabled Americans who can’t work and are simply trying to make ends meet. At Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, we’re proud to help folks in Arkansas get the disability benefits they deserve, because we know without our help, they could have a tough time of it.

More than two-thirds of initial Social Security Disability (SSD) applications are denied. Many of those denials are due to a misunderstanding of the process or an error made in the application itself. The filing process for SSD benefits can be complex and confusing, and just one misstep can be the difference between securing benefits and coming up empty. An experienced Arkansas Social Security Disability attorney knows how to successfully navigate the application process and can give you the best chance of winning an appeal if you were initially denied.

If you or someone you love was denied Social Security Disability benefits, set yourself up to win your appeal and give us a call. We’ll evaluate your case for free and begin working immediately on securing the benefits you deserve. Your SSD benefits are too important to your family for you to go it alone, so call today.

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