Who is to Blame in a Single-Car Crash?

We usually think of car accidents involving at least two vehicles, but single-car crashes are actually very common. According to a 2015 report by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), approximately 55 percent of automobile deaths involve single-vehicle accidents.

When only one car is involved, who is held liable for the accident? This is an important question to ask because it is the person at fault in an accident who is the one who has to compensate the other party for medical bills, damages and other expenses. We normally think there must be another driver being at fault in order to recover money for injuries but a corporation is a “person” in the eyes of the law and an experienced motor vehicle accident attorney will look for any and all persons who might be at fault for a collision.

In a single vehicle accident, the person at fault might be the person (the corporation) who manufactured the vehicle or a component thereof or it might be the person (the corporation) who constructed the roadway on which the accident occurred. There are laws that place fault on any person who placed into the stream of commerce a product that is defective and unreasonably dangerous.

Vehicle Manufacturers or Sellers

If the accident occurred because of a malfunction with the vehicle – like faulty tires, an exploding airbag, or some other issue out of the driver’s control – the car manufacturer could be liable.

Municipalities or Government Agencies

If the conditions of the road caused an accident, the corporation that constructed the roadway could be found at fault. Many collisions occur due to roads being under construction.

An Other driver

An other driver can still be at fault for causing a single-car accident. For example, if a distracted driver swerves into your lane, and in an attempt to avoid colliding with him, you have to drive off the road and then collide with a tree – the other driver is at fault because that other driver’s negligence is what caused you to have to leave the roadway, which resulted in an accident.

If you have been in an accident that did not involve a collision with another car, you could still bring a civil claim to receive compensation. Contact a Little Rock car accident attorney to discuss your accident.

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