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How to Choose the Right Personal Injury Lawyer

Denise Reid Hoggard, Rainwater, Holt & Sexton Attorney:

As soon as you are in a wreck a ton of things begin to happen. You have may have to be treated for injuries, there are police to deal with, you have to notify your insurance company, you have to get the information of the other driver and start that whole process. As you are doing all of that one thing you can be sure of is the other driver’s insurance company has adjusters and a team of lawyers already working.  Getting your own team on board, sooner rather than later, helps you level the playing field and get a fair result. At Rainwater, Holt and Sexton we want be on your team.

Most, but not all cases can be settled without going to court.  So when you are looking for the right lawyer, ask questions about the lawyer’s ability to try your case.  A good lawyer wants the chance to tell the jury why you should win.  Look for someone who has the ability to speak for you and a proven track record of going to court.  Ask about the lawyer’s reputation in the legal community and with the courts.  Look for lawyers who are also involved in service to their community and their profession.  This shows they care about others, including you.

Good lawyers are good communicators.  They listen to you and explain things well.  They will also help you choose the approach you want to take in your case.  You may want a settlement as quickly as possible within a certain range.  Or you may want to obtain as much as possible by asking a jury to make the decision on what you should receive.  Lawyers help you chart the path that is best for you, that also helps you get what is fair.

Check the lawyers’ webpage for information about their backgrounds, education, past cases, and interests.  Some websites will include video messages so you can see for yourself how well the lawyer communicates.  Lawyers may also include information about their ratings within the legal profession with services such as Martindale-Hubble.

It takes a team working for you, too.  With today’s technology and complexities, you should be looking for a personal injury law firm that devotes time and resources to making sure your case gets the attention it deserves. So make sure the firm that has invested wisely in human resources.

Smart lawyers use technology to help win your case and help them be more productive.  They also use paralegals and technicians to handle routine aspects of your case.  It means that your lawyer is free to spend time thinking about and working on how to maximize your recovery.

We at Rainwater Holt & Sexton want to be a part of your team if you need a personal injury lawyer. We encourage you to use these criteria when evaluating our firm as well as others. The bottom line is you need a lawyer you feel comfortable will be out fighting for your best interest.

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