Could Driverless Vehicles Reduce Arkansas Truck Accidents?

Take a look at the data regarding accidents involving commercial tractor-trailers in the United States and the dangers are apparent. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration shows an estimated 104,000 truck accidents in 2012 alone. Furthermore, the Bureau of Labor Statistics states transportation accidents are the leading cause of workplace fatalities in our country.

With large commercial trucks posing risks to both drivers private vehicles, the Arkansas truck accident lawyers at Rainwater, Holt & Sexton explain researchers are looking for new, innovative ways to reduce truck accidents—including automated driverless vehicles.

According to Arkansas Business, Daimler Trucks North America recently announced they were developing technology that would allow the operation of their vehicles to be completely autonomous. While the technology is still being developed, company officials were optimistic after a prototype of the new truck made it’s way across the Hoover Dam at a publicity event.

Officials stated they hoped to see the vehicles on the road as soon as design and legal issues are ironed out.

At Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, we support any measure that can reduce highway accidents, fatalities, and injuries. That’s why our Little Rock personal injury lawyers are hopeful to see driverless vehicle technology put to use.

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