Dump Truck Hits House

June 27, 2011

A Maumelle, Arkansas, homeowner is battling with insurance companies over an accident that occurred last Thursday in which, a dump truck drove through the side of his house. According to Fox 16 News, the truck, owned by a local construction company, was parked more than half a mile up a hill from the house when a cooler in the backseat fell and dislodged the emergency breaking mechanism. The truck proceeded to roll down the hill, through a patch of woods, and into the house.

The homeowner was at the residence at the time of the crash with her two children. They were gathered in the kitchen mere feet from where the truck came through a wall, and stopped after busting through to the garage.

The truck is supporting the house’s weight-bearing walls, and while contractors try to figure out how to remove the truck, the family has been evacuated from the house, as the truck is full of fuel and electricity had to be shut off to the house. In the meantime, insurance companies are haggling to decide who will pay for the damages.

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