Female Athletes Face Significant Risk of Traumatic Brain Injuries

New research shows that it’s not always the first traumatic brain injury (TBI) that can cause serious harm, but subsequent blows to the head after the injury. These risks have received more media attention in the wake of a settlement between the National Football League and hundreds of current and former players who allege they were not warned of these dangers.

The risks TBIs pose to male athletes is significant, but there may be an even greater risk among female athletes. An article from Cosmopolitan discussed how a TBI ended the career of a 19-year-old female soccer player from Arkansas. In 2011, the player suffered a blow to the head that left her dizzy, nauseous, and sensitive to light. Although her coaches and trainers cleared her to return to the field for training, an independent doctor instructed the girl to not partake in physical activity for two weeks and quit playing soccer to avoid potential permanent brain damage.

When asked about the incident, the coaches and trainers stated their actions were within regulations. This has raised concerns over the need for a change to the rules.

The Arkansas personal injury attorneys with Rainwater, Holt & Sexton recognize the dangers TBIs pose to athletes, and we encourage anyone who has suffered a TBI to discuss their legal rights with a member of our legal team.


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