What To Do Following An Equipment Accident

People who work in professions where they deal with dangerous equipment and machinery face a risk every day of getting injured. When you’re injured on the job due to the equipment you are required to use for your profession, you could be entitled to worker’s compensation or you might have a suit for negligence, depending on the circumstances.  If you have been in an equipment accident, take these steps following an accident:

  1. First and foremost, immediately seek medical attention for your injuries.
  1. Once you have taken care of immediate medical needs and are out of danger, report your injury to a supervisor or superior. Make a record of the date and time, and name and title of whom you spoke with.
  1. Were there witnesses? Take down their contact information. You may need witnesses if you choose to pursue a claim in civil court.
  1. Take photos of your injuries, the location of the accident and the equipment involved.
  1. If possible, hold on to the equipment that caused the injury.

Consult a Little Rock Equipment Accident Lawyer

Once you’ve taken the necessary steps to seek medical attention, report your injury and ensure documentation of the injury and location, discuss your accident with a personal injury lawyer. If you were in an equipment accident in Fayetteville, Springdale, Rogers, Bentonville, Little Rock or anywhere else in Arkansas, get in touch with a Little Rock equipment accident lawyer to determine what compensation you’re entitled given your situation.

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