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MMA Fighters Face High Risk of Traumatic Brain Injuries

Mixed martial arts has received a boost of public support within the last decade. However, serious concern has began to surface regarding the long-term health of participants due to the significantly high probability of suffering brain injuries.

Public attention has been focused on athletes and brain injuries since a settlement was reached between the National Football League and hundreds of former and current football players. The suits alleged the NFL had failed to educate them on the long-term health effects that repeat traumatic brain injuries can pose.

Since the settlement was reached, other professional athletes, such as hockey players and boxers, have filed similar suits.

THV 11 News reports that a new study has shown mixed martial arts contest end in knockouts or technical knockouts roughly one-third of the time, while the rate of incidence was much lower for boxing matches. This was only complicated by the fact that mixed martial artists may be struck in the head between five and ten times after a match-ending blow but before referees can officially stop fights.

These findings leave many fighters wondering what they should do if they have been seriously harmed as the result of repeat brain injuries. The Little Rock personal injury lawyers with Rainwater, Holt & Sexton would urge any athlete who has suffered such an injury to discuss their legal options with an attorney immediately.

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