Most Dangerous Women’s High School Sports Ranked

December 19, 2011

The National Center for Catastrophic Injury Research has been collecting data of fatal and serious accidents in women’s high school sports for nearly thirty years. Now the agency has released the top sports where these injuries occur.

According to 40/29 News, the researchers defined catastrophic injuries as those involving damage to the skull, brain, or spine. Non-fatal injuries were determined to be those that resulted in severe permanent disabilities, while serious injuries were  severe, but no permanent damages were suffered. Here are the results and totals:

#11-Volleyball– one non-fatal injury

#10-Soccer– one non-fatal and two serious injuries

#9-Lacrosse- two serious injuries

#8-Softball- one fatal, two non-fatal, and two serious injuries

#7-Field Hockey- three non-fatal injuries

#6-Ice Hockey- two serious injuries

#5-Basketball- one non-fatal and three serious injuries

#4-Swimming- one serious and four non-fatal injuries

#3-Track- one fatal, two non-fatal, and six serious injuries

#2-Gymnastics- six non-fatal and three serious injuries

#1-Cheerleading- two fatal, twenty-eight non-fatal, and forty-eight serious injuries

Many of these accidents involved broken vertebrae in the back that can lead to paralysis, while others were brain and skull injuries resulting from contact with another player or object on the field.

The Arkansas Brain Injury Attorneys with Rainwater, Holt & Sexton would like to remind parents and student-athletes to be aware of the dangers of head and back injuries. If you feel like you have been hurt, stop playing and seek immediate medical assistance. The choice to step off the field and get checked out may save your life.

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