New Director of Safety Services Could Help Reduce Arkansas Truck Accidents

While we depend on the trucking industry to move the goods we use on a daily basis, commercial tractor-trailers remain a serious threat to the safety of everyone using Arkansas’ highways. The Arkansas truck accident lawyers at Rainwater, Holt & Sexton explain that while commercial trucks only accounted for roughly four percent of registered vehicles on our state’s roads last year, they were responsible for causing approximately 11.5 percent of our state’s highway fatalities.

There are many organizations working to reduce accidents involving tractor-trailers in our state, and one of them is the Arkansas Trucking Association. According to Trucking Info, the group has hired David O’Neal as the new director of safety services.

The position is funded through a $368,000 grant from the Arkansas Highway Commission and will charge O’Neal with the responsibility of being a safety resource for trucking companies and a liaison between these companies and government agencies. He will also be in charge of implementing programs such as “Share The Road” and “Arkansas Road Team.”

O’Neal gained the experience he needs to “raise the bar” on trucking safety in Arkansas as the Managing Director of Safety at FedEx Ground for 19 years.

The legal staff at Rainwater, Holt & Sexton are aware of the need for safety advancements in the Arkansas trucking industry, and our Little Rock personal injury lawyers are hopeful Mr. O’Neal finds success in his new position.


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