New Highway Designs May Increase Arkansas Car Accident Totals

Many factors can cause an Arkansas car accident. And in some cases, the cause for a crash is a defective or improperly designed roadway. That’s why Arkansas officials are taking their time to consider the design of roundabouts to be installed along Dave Ward Drive in Conway, Arkansas.

An article from the Log Cabin Democrat states officials are a little more than halfway done with the planning phase for updates to Dave Ward Drive, but the Arkansas State Highway and Transportation Department are concerned the new design will not stand up to traffic increases over time. That’s why they are expanding the roundabout project from two lanes to three.

But the extra lane poses safety concerns. Engineers have stated that in order to add the extra lane, parts of the roadway will have to be straightened for extended distances. This could lead to speeding, which can increase the likelihood of car accidents.

The city and state are looking into the matter and hired a third party to examine the safety of the new design.

At Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, our Little Rock personal injury lawyers are hopeful further investigation into this roundabout design will lead to safer roads for everyone in Arkansas.

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