Study Shows Guardrails Pose Serious Safety Threat to Motorists

Guardrails are designed to protect us from danger, but what if they put lives at risk instead? A new study has shown that the design of some guardrails may be seriously flawed.

According to an article from ABC 7 News, a study from the Safety Institute found that there was a three times greater chance of death when a vehicle struck the model of guardrail that’s installed along most of Arkansas’ highways. Furthermore, the chance of injury was two times higher when impacting these particular rails versus collisions with other designs.

These problems are just one of the reasons why a Little Rock man filed an Arkansas defective product lawsuit against the manufacturer of the units. He claims design flaws in the guardrails are to blame for the dangers they present.

Federal officials have denied the claims the guardrails pose a threat to drivers in the United States.

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