The Danger of Energy Saving Bulbs

May 18, 2012

Energy-saving light bulbs use less electricity and last eight to 15 times longer than incandescent bulbs. But these energy-saving bulbs, also known as compact fluorescent light, pose a dangerous hazard that few are aware of: mercury exposure and poisoning.

Previous reports have indicated that energy-saving bulbs are problematic when broken. If the mercury escapes the bulb and comes into contact with a person, symptoms may include sensory impairment, lack of coordination, skin discoloration, tingling, itching, burning or pain, and the shedding of skin.

In the event that you do break an energy-saving bulb in your home, it’s recommended that you ventilate the room for at least 15 minutes and do not walk around the break site until all the debris is removed. Also, avoid using a vacuum cleaner to assist with the clean-up, and don’t dispose of the broken bulb as you would ordinary trash; instead it must be disposed of as a Hazardous Material.

If you do come into contact with the mercury from an energy-saving bulb, it’s important to seek immediate medical attention.

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