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Victory Over Violence Difference Maker Award

Rainwater, Holt & Sexton is excited to partner with KARK Channel 4 and Fox 16 to present the Victory Over Violence Difference Maker Award. Once a month, Rainwater, Holt & Sexton will present a $1,000 donation to an organization that is fighting violence in the community and has established themselves as a true Difference Maker. The partnership goal is to create a safer Central Arkansas by uniting community groups that are promoting change through improvements in education, jobs, mentoring, and hunger.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker – The Call

After seeing the need for more foster and adoptive families in Arkansas, The Call urged churches in Arkansas to respond to that need. On average, 8,200 children in Arkansas need foster care each year, but only 1,600 families are available to foster those children. The Call partners with the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and churches all over Arkansas to provide more foster families and adoptive homes. By the end of 2016, an additional 634 homes were open to fostering children and 161 families adopted children. To achieve Victory Over Violence, there must be an increased presence of loving foster and adoptive homes for the children of Arkansas. The Call is at work to make sure foster children are placed in loving, Christ-centered homes. It's impossible to deny that The Call is a true Victory Over Violence Difference Maker.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker – Immerse Arkansas

When youth age out of the Arkansas foster care system, they are often left without a support system. Some of them haven’t completed high school, and many of them face challenges during the transition into young adulthood. Immerse Arkansas recognizes this need, and they work to help nearly 200 youth each year navigate their next phase of life. They aid not only foster kids, but also runaways, homeless youth, and other youth in crisis by providing housing, life skills training, and other basic resources. Immerse Arkansas’ work to support and bring hope to many young people in crisis makes them a perfect choice for this month’s Difference Maker award.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker – Mayflower Police Department

The nation’s opioid crisis has caused devastation to families across the country, and Arkansas is no exception. Police departments throughout the country are actively working to fight the epidemic with the help of Narcan®, a nasal spray used to counteract the effects of an opioid overdose. Narcan can be given to someone who has overdosed on an opioid drug or to an officer who has come into contact with unsafe or concentrated levels of opioid drugs. Although Narcan shouldn’t be used in place of emergency medical treatment, it can help save those who might otherwise die from an overdose. Many small police departments in Arkansas lack the funds to purchase this lifesaving-but-expensive antidote. That’s why we’ve selected the Mayflower Police Department as this month’s Victory Over Violence Difference Maker recipient. With a $1,000 donation from Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, the Mayflower Police Department can buy 10 doses of Narcan. We hope that other businesses will support their local departments in funding as many doses as possible to help fight the opioid epidemic.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker - Renewal Ranch

Renewal Ranch works hard to help Arkansas achieve Victory Over Violence by aiding those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol. The faith-based program is run by James Loy, who overcame his own cocaine addiction in 2005. Renewal Ranch provides resources to men recovering from addictions, including counseling, worship, structured activities, and community service opportunities. The more people that Renewal Ranch is able to help, the closer we are to decreasing drug violence in Arkansas. That is what makes them an excellent choice for the Rainwater, Holt & Sexton Victory Over Violence Difference Maker Award.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker — Reaching Our Children and Neighborhood (R.O.C.A.N.)

After-school programs can be instrumental in helping kids along the path to success. Reaching Our Children and Neighborhood (R.O.C.A.N.) is one such program that’s filling that need in North Little Rock. Started by a former gang member, the program works to keep kids off the streets by providing a safe place for them to learn and play after school. R.O.C.A.N. has served many children and their families over the past 13 years, and we are proud to award them with this month’s Victory Over Violence Difference Maker Award.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker - Moody Chapel After-School Program

The Moody Chapel after-school program is focused on achieving Victory Over Violence by reaching out to children in the community. The free after-school program is focused on feeding and educating at-risk children. Within the program’s safe and positive environment, children learn skills and build upon the education they receive throughout the day. Rainwater, Holt & Sexton has selected The Moody Chapel after-school program as this month’s Difference Maker recipient for their efforts to create a brighter future for the next generation.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker - Little Rock Police Foundation

We are extremely proud of years of work with Arkansas law enforcement. With our defense practice representing multiple county sheriffs and deputies all over Arkansas, we were very honored to present the Little Rock Police Foundation with the Victory Over Violence Difference Maker Award for their work in supporting the officers of Little Rock. The award, which comes with a $1,000 donation from Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, honors those working to stop violence in the community. The LRPD Foundation says it is “raising funds and granting programs that help the Little Rock Police Department be more connected to [their] citizens....” Rainwater, Holt & Sexton wants to thank the foundation for the work they have done for the officers of the Little Rock Police Department.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker - Parents of Murdered Children

Losing a child is never easy and grief can manifest itself in many ways. Parents of Murdered Children was formed to help parents put in impossible situations through the murder of their child. Parents of Murdered Children acts as a support group and provides help and resources to families struggling with loss. Those involved with the group can join therapy sessions and learn about the judicial process. In the never ending battle for Victory Over Violence it’s important to remember the victims of violence and these parents are hurting victims. The work Parents of Murdered Children does with these grieving victims makes them Victory Over Violence Difference Makers.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker – PATH

Partners Against Trafficking Humans (PATH) is an organization that helps victims of human trafficking. Many people fail to realize that human trafficking is a ubiquitous issue, not only overseas but here in Arkansas as well. Estimates show that between 100,000-300,000 children are trafficked in the US alone. PATH advocates for the victims by rescuing them, providing temporary housing, and assisting in recovery. With such a widespread issue, PATH is a perfect choice for this month’s Difference Maker award.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker - Our Kids Program

The Our Kids Program is dedicated to making a difference in the community by mentoring young men in middle school and high school. The program is led by African American police officers and other male role models as a way to reach out and provide positive influences in the lives of young African American men.

Sgt. Willie Davis, the program coordinator, and other volunteers try to be involved in every facet of participants' lives. Not only does the Our Kids Program provide activities to do on Saturdays, but volunteers also visit the young men at school and at home to get to know them personally. The work that Sgt. Davis and the rest of the men at the Our Kids Program are doing is why they are true Difference Makers in the fight for Victory Over Violence.

Victory Over Violence Difference Maker - Women and Children First

The first Difference Maker Award winner is Women and Children First. The award was kicked off during the live telethon for DJ’s Day of Action. RHS was able to be a part of an event that raised over $30,000 for Women and Children First. Since it’s beginning more than 40 years ago, Women and Children First has helped thousands of women and children escape domestic violence. They truly are Difference Makers who are working to ensure that there is Victory Over Violence.

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