Arkansas Wrongful Death Lawsuit Alleges Medical Negligence

When we place our loved ones into the care of medical professionals, we expect them to receive treatment that meets industry standards. However, that’s not always the case. Sometimes doctors, nurses, and medical staff make fatal errors or simply don’t provide care at all. The Arkansas wrongful death lawyers at Rainwater, Holt & Sexton explain that when this occurs, the family of the victim may have a right to seek compensation through civil litigation.

For instance, a man has filed an Arkansas wrongful death lawsuit against the company who was in charge of his brother’s medical care at the time of his death. The lawsuit accuses the company of causing the victim’s injuries through negligence, as well as wrongful death.

According to an article from KSFM 5 News, the body of the 57-year-old victim was discovered in a wooded area in Cedarville in February. An investigation determined the victim had died as a result of exposure and infection caused by bedsores.

The man who was hired to care for the victim stated he had left with another individual, but law enforcement determined that to be false. Instead, warrants show the caregiver had failed to provide the victim with adequate medical care and was negligent in failing to call for medical assistance when his patient’s health began to deteriorate.

The caregiver is also facing criminal charges in the matter.

The legal staff at Rainwater, Holt & Sexton understands how difficult the loss of a loved one can be and our Little Rock personal injury lawyers are hopeful resolution of this matter will bring closure to the family of the victim.

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