Bed Handles May Injure Patients

Bed handles are used to keep patients from rolling out of their beds. They can also be an effective in offering a patient the assistance and mobility needed to stand and lie down on their own. Unfortunately, certain versions of bed handles can present serious safety risks.

One type of bed handle in particular is being called a defective product after it was linked to the deaths of three patients. Investigators determined patients could become trapped between the product and their bed.

According to the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the handles manufactured by Bed Handles, Inc., from Blue Springs, Missouri, can become dislodged. Users can then roll between the handle and their bed, which presents a risk of entrapment, strangulation, and death.

To correct the problem, the product’s manufacturer issued a voluntary recall and developed straps to be used with the device to keep it from shifting out of place.

Those in possession of recalled bed handles should halt use immediately and contact the manufacturer to receive straps to correct the issue.

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