Facts about Wrongful Death Claims

wrongful death

Losing a loved one is devastating. In addition to losing the companionship and support of someone you care about, you also may lose a major or sole source of income for you and your loved ones. If your loved one’s death was due to someone else’s negligence, you may be eligible to file a claim for compensation—but the process can be complicated.

At Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, our Arkansas wrongful death lawyers know the ins-and-outs of the process. We have many years of experience fighting for grieving families after the deaths of their loved ones, and we know what it takes to win.

We also know that many families are unfamiliar with wrongful death lawsuits, and they may have questions about the process. The following facts can help you gain a clearer understanding of what a wrongful death claim is and how the process works:

  • Wrongful death claims can be pursued after a variety of scenarios. Car accidents, motorcycle accidents, medical malpractice, premises liability, nursing home negligence, drunk driving, and even animal bites can all result in death and open the possibility for a wrongful death claim.
  • Different family members can file wrongful death claims. Parents, surviving spouses, and dependent children are all eligible to file wrongful death claims after the death of a loved one.
  • Wrongful death claims can include lost income. When the sole financial provider in a household dies, their spouse and dependents may be unable to provide for themselves. Many wrongful death claims include lost income when they’re presented to insurance companies.

The death of a loved one is one of the most difficult things you’ll experience. But evidence can disappear and statutes of limitations can expire, so it’s important to act quickly if you’re planning on filing a claim. Call today for a free consultation.

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