Life Insurance Fraud in Arkansas

There are few things we despise more than people who take advantage of other people. It’s even worse when a company or a trusted brand takes advantage of its customers in an effort to weasel them out of their hard-earned money. That’s what has happened to many Arkansans who recently received letters from their life insurance company demanding inflated premiums to keep their policies active. If they refuse, they could lose the death benefit promised to their loved ones.

We get life insurance policies because we want to provide for our families in death as we have in life. We want to make sure that after we’re gone, they have everything they need to live full and productive lives. We contribute thousands of dollars over the years to these policies because of the promise that our families will be taken care of. When the insurance company unexpectedly raises premiums so high most folks can no longer afford them, it could be life insurance fraud.

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