Stuck Accelerators Prompt Possible Manufacturing Regulation Changes

Toyota’s recall of thousands of vehicles due to faulty accelerators that could get stuck while the car is in motion has prompted federal lawmakers to consider passing measures that would require all vehicles to have an override system to combat the problem. According to KATV 7 News, the system would work by stopping the vehicle’s acceleration if both the gas and brake pedals were pressed at the same time.

While many feel that these regulations will work to protect the public from the problems of faulty automotive devices, manufacturers say that there are too few cases of stuck accelerators to warrant the change. Instead, they argue that most of the accidents are caused by drivers’ “misapplication” of the pedal in which they accidentally step on the accelerator rather than the brake while driving.

The point was countered with the story of four people who were killed in August 2009 near San Diego, California, after a floor mat caused the accelerator to stick in their Lexus.

The National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s proposal states that the changes in manufacturing regulations would not occur for at least another three years while legislation is further examined.

The Arkansas Car Accident Lawyers with Rainwater, Holt & Sexton encourage drivers to be extra vigilant of where they place their feet when driving. Make sure that anything that could obstruct your feet is cleared from the floorboards as well before driving.

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