Successful Safe Ride Home Program

We are constantly striving to keep people safe. Sometimes it’s protecting clients from insurance companies, other times it’s keeping them safe from dangerous products. This year, we offered free taxi cab rides home on New Year’s Eve. It was a privilege to help the people of Central Arkansas and make our roads a safer place.

We were also honored that Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) would partner with us for such a great cause. MADD is giving so much to Arkansas and around the country to raise awareness about the dangers of drunk driving—we couldn’t imagine a better partner.

We are grateful to the many Arkansans that took our offer to get a free cab ride home and stayed off the road after they had been drinking! There is no telling how many wrecks, injuries, or even deaths were prevented. That’s what it’s all about—keeping our friends and neighbors safe together.

As Arkansas injury attorneys we live and work in this community and we believe it’s our responsibility to do what we can to improve it. Whether that’s through the Spirit of Arkansas award, the Victory Over Violence Difference Maker Award, or providing free cab rides home, it’s something we will always be happy to do.

We would be remiss if we did not also thank the local media for helping us spread the word about the free cab rides. Like so many, they immediately saw the importance of this service and the accidents it could prevent. The Arkansas Democrat-GazetteKARK Channel 4KLRT Fox 16KTHV Channel 11 and 103.7 The Buzz were instrumental in helping us reach all of central Arkansas. We are also very appreciative to Little Rock Yellow Cab for partnering with us to provide all of the safe rides home.

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