Healing Waters Outreach Center

Healing Waters Outreach Center in Shannon Hills is a resource center, food pantry, worship center, and so many other things for the community. The center is unlike most in that it does not receive federal funding. Without federal funding, there are no restrictions on who they can assist regarding income level or where they live. That suits Healing Waters Outreach just fine. Their theory says if someone is in need, they want to step in and help, no matter where they live or their income level. It’s that spirit of serving that has helped Healing Waters Outreach thrive and is why they are this month’s recipient of the Difference Maker Award.

The center is not just a food pantry. It serves as a worship center with services on Sunday and hosts multiple Bible studies and prayer meetings weekly. Healing Waters also offers G.E.D. classes, youth mentoring, and job placement assistance. Many programs have also been geared at former and current gang members in the Central Arkansas community. The multi-faceted approach is making a big difference in our community by not only addressing the surface level problems of violence, but getting to the root of poverty, education, and mentoring.

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