Cryosaunas Pose Cold Therapy Nerve Damage Risks

Using cold compacts to treat certain injuries and ailments is common practice, but new forms of cold therapy are making their way onto the market. While many call these new forms of cryotherapy revolutionary, others say these new methods can present some serious health risks.

An article from Runner’s World questions the effectiveness of cryosaunas—a device that exposes a user’s body to liquid nitrogen chilled to -200 degrees for roughly three minutes. Studies were cited that showed the treatment was effective in helping users get better rest, suffer less pain and gain mobility. However, side effects have also been discovered.

Some users have reported suffering nerve damage as a result of exposure to the extreme cold. This cold therapy nerve damage can range from a slight discomfort to the loss of feeling and movement in extremities. Once desensitization occurs, frostbite and burns are also a possibility.

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