Drug Injury Lawyers Discuss Risks of Anticoagulant Drugs

Many elderly nursing home patients take medications to prevent blood clots. In fact, reports indicate that one-in-six of the roughly 1.3 million patients living in American nursing homes or long-term care facilities take blood thinners. But what these patients may not realize is that taking these medications may increase the risk of severe bleeding events.

One of the greatest dangers of taking an anticoagulant is the risk of an uncontrollable bleeding event. Pradaxa® and Xarelto® have been linked to these injuries because there’s counteracting drug to stop severe bleeding once it starts. However, even traditional options, such as Coumadin, can present risks to patients.

An estimated 33,000 nursing home patients were hospitalized during a two-year period due to bleeding events associated with Coumadin. An article from NBC Philadelphia News discussed how at least one Arkansas nursing home patient had reported such adverse events associated with the drug.

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