Holiday Traditions Linked With Increase To Heart Problems

December 5, 2011

If you’ve ever thought the holidays and your in-laws were going to kill you, there may actually be scientific proof to support that statement. New research is showing that the large meals, heavy doses of alcohol, and stress through the holidays puts us at an increased risk for heart problems and stroke.

According to KATV 7 News, a doctor with the Society of Vascular Surgery, Dr. Niten Singh, reported the findings in the group’s most recent news release. Singh stated that there is a five percent increase in heart-related deaths every year around the holidays in the United States. Much of this can be attributed to the fat and calorie-packed meals we consume. The American Council on Exercise found the average holiday meal weighs in at 3,000 calories and 229 grams of fat.

Alcohol can also be a deadly factor during the holidays–with consumption rates spiking through the winter months. The problem has become so great, a heart condition specifically linked to the problem has arisen. Holiday Heart Syndrome is an abnormal heart rhythm called atrial fibrillation, which increases the risk of stroke.

Stress–from traveling or entertaining–has long been known to contribute to heart troubles.

The Arkansas Personal Injury Lawyers with Rainwater, Holt & Sexton would like to encourage families to use the holidays as a time to focus on health so that each family member will be able to enjoy the company of others for years to come.

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