Migraine Medication Might Put Heart Health at Risk

January 2, 2012

Those who suffer from migraine headaches know that there is little to be done to stop the constant pounding once it starts. So, when you find a pain reliever that works, you stick with it. However, a recent study shows that a surprising number of patients who suffer from migraines are being prescribed medications they shouldn’t take because of heart conditions they also suffer from.

The findings were reported late last month by FOX 16 News and show that one in five patients with heart conditions who also suffer from migraines were given prescriptions for a class of drugs called triptans. These triptans are very effective in treating migraines and work by constricting blood vessels up to 20 percent. This constriction could cause a person with a history of heart issues to suffer any number of pulmonary problems, bust most commonly heart attacks and strokes.

Researchers pinpointed more than 120,000 patients who suffered form migraines from ten different insurance providers. Data collected from these cases determined that eight percent of all the patients suffered form both migraines and heart conditions. Of those patients, 22 percent had received prescriptions from doctors for triptans.

Some of these Medications include:

  • Amerge®
  • Axert®
  • Frova®
  • Imitrex®
  • Maxalt®
  • Relpax®
  • Treximet®
  • Zomig®

The Arkansas drug injury lawyers with Rainwater, Holt & Sexton suggest that anyone taking these medications that has a history of heart conditions to consult with your doctor immediately. If you have suffered from a heart complication while taking one of these medications, we suggest you contact us today.

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