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We buy many products to help improve our daily lives. Whether it’s the cars we drive to work, the safety features that are designed to protect us while inside them, or even the toys and beds we give to our children, we expect the products we interact with every day to be safe and well-built.

Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Product manufacturers sometimes cut corners to save money and increase profits, but that can lead to the production of unsafe and even dangerous items. Defective products can cause injury or illness, and when they do, victims and their loved ones may feel like there’s no recourse.

At Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, our legal team fights for the rights of injured victims by looking for three product manufacturer errors:

  • Design defects– Safety should always be the top priority for product designers and manufacturers, but profits and a rush to market sometimes overrule that.
  • Inadequate safety warnings– Products that have the potential to injure or make people ill should be clearly marked, but warnings are sometimes incomplete or missing.
  • Manufacturing defects– Some products are designed to be safe, but flaws in the manufacturing process or low-quality parts and components can lead to failures and potential illnesses or injuries.

If you or a loved one were harmed by a defective product, don’t let the thought of going up against a big corporation intimidate you. Our Arkansas defective product lawyers are here to help, and we aren’t afraid to fight for you. Call today for a free consultation.

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