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defective medical products

Product manufacturers, sellers, and distributors are responsible for making sure their products are safe and functional for consumers like you. Those products should be tested and inspected for defects and potential hazards before hitting the shelves, but defective and dangerous products still make their way into our homes and workplaces, and they can cause serious harm. Any injuries caused by dangerous products should be investigated for a possible product liability claim, even if the operator or bystander appears to have been negligent. 

At Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, our Arkansas defective product lawyers aren’t afraid to stand up to big manufacturing companies that release harmful products. If you or someone you love were injured by a consumer product, piece of equipment, or medical device, our legal team is ready to help. We have years of experience helping victims injured by defective products, and we’re prepared to:

  • Collect evidence to prove the product was defective — Under product liability law, manufacturers are responsible for carefully designing and producing products with quality materials. They’re also required to test products extensively to make sure they are safe to use as directed. We can investigate to determine if this kind of negligence led to defects in the product that caused your injury.
  •  Prove the product caused your injury — It’s not enough to show that the product in question was defective—we also have to show how it hurt you. Insurance companies are eager to point out that injuries and health conditions were pre-existing. But we know how to use physical evidence, the product itself, and expert testimony to prove that the defective product caused your injuries.

If you or a loved one were harmed because of a defective product, it’s our goal to help you get compensation for your pain and suffering. Companies that sell dangerous products should be held accountable, and we’re not afraid to stand up to large corporations. Get in touch with our legal team today for a free consultation.

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