What Types of Drugs are Linked to Injuries?

Drug Injuries

Doctors prescribe prescription drugs to help patients recover from injuries or illnesses and manage their symptoms. Most prescription medications are safe and work well for millions of patients, but some can be dangerous and create painful, disabling, and even life-threatening complications.

At Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, we believe patients who are harmed by medications deserve experienced legal representation. The law provides that pharmaceutical companies and drug manufacturers can be held responsible when they release products that are defective and unreasonably dangerous. The manufacturer and distributor is liable for the harm caused to innocent people by reason of failure to properly test their drugs or properly warn of a medication’s potential harmful risks.

Many common drugs are linked to serious health complications, including:

  • Diabetes drugs– Multiple drugs designed to treat Type 2 diabetes, including Onglyza®, Byetta®, Januvia®, Janumet®, Tradjenta®, and Victoza® are linked to pancreatic cancer. In addition, Invokana® and Invokamet® are linked to amputations and ketoacidosis.
  • Blood thinners– People who are at risk of heart attacks or strokes can manage their risks with blood thinners, but those medications—including Pradaxa® and Xarelto®—are linked to major bleeding risks, especially during surgery.
  • Antidepressants– Pregnant women who experience depression may be prescribed antidepressants. But some of those drugs are linked to birth defects in unborn children, including Celexa®, Lexapro®, Luvox®, Paxil®, Prozac®, Symbyax®, and Zoloft®.

Our Arkansas drug injury attorneys know that victims can feel hopeless after a drug injury. Seeking compensation from a multi-billion dollar corporations may seem intimidating, but our legal team is ready, willing and able to stand up for the rights of drug injury victims. Call today for a free consultation.

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