The Various Types of Medical Liens

A lien is not necessarily a bad thing. By placing a lien, providers can feel confident that they will be reimbursed for their services, allowing you to receive the necessary care without worrying about immediate payment.

There are several different types of medical liens, including:

Medical Provider Liens

Medical provider liens are common in personal injury claims. Healthcare providers, such as hospitals, doctors, and other medical facilities, file these liens after treating injured accident victims. Medical provider liens ensure that the medical providers receive payment for their services. They can be filed before or after your attorney files a personal injury lawsuit.

These types of liens can significantly impact the settlement or compensation received by the injured party. When a healthcare provider files a lien, they essentially become a creditor in the case and have a legal claim to a portion of the settlement or compensation awarded to the injured party.

If a medical provider files a lien against you after a personal injury claim, you can expect to receive a notice of the lien from the healthcare provider or their legal representative. This notice will inform you of the amount owed to the healthcare provider. It will also tell you how to resolve the lien. If the lien is not resolved, the healthcare provider may take legal action to enforce their claim, which can result in a court judgment against you.

Workers’ Compensation Liens

Usually, injured workers cannot sue their employer for a personal injury if they suffer an injury on the job. However, there are exceptions to this rule. In rare cases, an injured worker may be able to seek compensation both through the workers’ compensation system and through a personal injury lawsuit. In this situation, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier may try to recover some or all of the amount they paid for the injuries by placing a lien on the amount the injured worker recovers from the lawsuit.

Dealing with workers’ compensation medical liens can be complicated and often requires negotiation between the healthcare provider, the workers’ compensation carrier, and the injured worker.

Government Liens

Government liens are filed by federal or state agencies that have provided benefits or services to an injured party through government programs, such as Medicare or Medicaid. If you accepted Medicare or Medicaid benefits and they paid your medical bills after a serious injury accident, the government might file a lien to recover their funds. They want the “at-fault” party to pay your medical bills – not them. By filing a lien, they can recover the money they paid to help you get immediate medical attention.

What Causes a Medical Lien to Be Filed?

Motor vehicle accidents are the most common reasons medical liens are filed.

Here is a typical situation where a medical lien may be filed.

  • Bill got injured in a car accident after a drunk driver ran through a stoplight and t-boned his vehicle. He suffered severe injuries that required multiple surgeries and spent two weeks in the hospital. After leaving the hospital, he spent another six months in rehabilitation therapy, regaining his mobility and strength. During this time, his medical insurance paid their portion of his medical bills.
  • Medical providers and healthcare companies know that a car accident caused Bill’s injuries and subsequent medical issues. Since Bill and the drunk driver have insurance, these insurance companies are responsible for paying the damages.
  • In this case, the medical providers who treated Bill may file a medical lien against any potential settlement or judgment that he receives from the liable party or their insurance company. This lien allows the medical providers to get reimbursed for their services and ensures they are paid before Bill receives any settlement or compensation.

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How Do I File a Lien?

If you have suffered an injury in an accident and have outstanding medical bills or other related expenses, you may file a lien to protect your interests in any potential settlement or judgment in your case. Here are the steps you should take:

If you have outstanding medical bills related to your injury, contact your healthcare provider and ask if they have a process for filing a lien. Some providers may require you to sign a lien agreement and provide information about your case and any potential settlement or judgment.

This is crucial because the lien process is complex. Your attorney can help you navigate the process of filing a lien and ensure that your rights are protected.

The lien amount is typically the total amount of outstanding medical bills and related expenses. Your healthcare provider or attorney can help you calculate the amount.

Why Are Medical Liens Important?

Without a medical lien, your personal injury settlement or judgment may not cover all of your medical expenses. This can result in a significant financial burden and limit your compensation for your injuries. Therefore, it is important to work closely with their healthcare providers and attorney to ensure that medical liens get properly filed and managed to maximize financial compensation.

Why are medical liens important to accident victims?

Injured individuals may need more financial means to pay for medical treatment upfront. Medical liens allow them to receive the necessary medical care without paying out of pocket. This is particularly important in cases where the injury is severe and ongoing treatment is required.

Medical liens give healthcare providers the legal right to receive payment for their services. Without a lien, healthcare providers would have to rely on the injured person to pay for their services, which may not always be possible. Because providers are more confident that they will receive payment, they can provide accident victims with prompt and effective treatment.

By securing a lien on a personal injury settlement or judgment, healthcare providers increase their chances of receiving payment for their services. As a result, injured accident victims may receive more financial compensation for their injuries if medical expenses are taken care of through a lien.

In some cases, healthcare providers may negotiate the amount of their lien if it means receiving payment sooner. This can benefit injured accident victims, as it may result in a lower overall lien amount, which can increase their financial compensation.

What You Can Do By Yourself

To help your injury attorney file your lien, gather any evidence you can about the crash. This might include medical records, accident reports, and eyewitness testimony. Submit photos of the accident and your injuries and a detailed report in your own words of what happened. Collect everything you have to present to a lawyer.

What You Should Seek Legal Help With

If a lien is filed against you or if you wish to file a lien, it is important to let a personal injury lawyer handle your case.

Once you have determined the amount of the lien, your attorney must file it with the court where your personal injury case is pending. This will typically involve submitting a form that outlines the details of the lien, including the amount, the healthcare provider, and any other relevant information.

Your lawyer will then need to serve notice of the lien on any parties involved in your personal injury case, including the defendant and their attorney. This will ensure that everyone is aware of the lien and its amount.

Filing a lien after a personal injury is complex, so working closely with your healthcare provider and attorney is important to ensure everything is done correctly.

At Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, our Arkansas personal injury lawyers can help you through all aspects of your personal injury cases, including medical liens. We know the ins and outs of personal injury law and will do what it takes to protect your rights.

A.C.A § 18-46-105 outlines the requirements of a valid medical, nursing, hospital or ambulance lien. This statute must be followed precisely for a lien to be enforceable. In reality, many of the “liens” we see have not strictly followed the statute and are probably invalid, but it’s still important they are dealt with to ensure peace of mind for our injured clients.


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