Camel Orbs could pose risks for Arkansas drug injuries in children

April 29, 2010

Are you craving a cigarette but can’t light up in your current environment? Camel Orbs are dissolving tablets that contain nicotine, but they’re causing a stir for their resemblance to candy.

According to Today’s THV, parents are concerned their kids may pick up a nicotine habit, or possibly suffer an Arkansas drug injury, without ever lighting a cigarette. The Camel Orbs resemble candy, according to opponents of the product, and could cause Arkansas drug injuries in kids who take them.

One of the tobacco tablets alone could cause a child to become sick, but 7 to 13 of the tablets could lead to serious Arkansas drug injuries or death.

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What do you think about this new product? Are you a smoker who would use Camel Orbs or other dissolving nicotine tablets when you could not light a cigarette? Are you a concerned citizen who is looking to protect children who may overdose?

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