Frequently asked SSI and SSD questions

1. If I am qualified for benefits, how do I get paid?

Social Security Disability benefits are paid in monthly installments. The payment is based on the amount of your lifetime earnings before your disability began and not the degree or severity of your disability.

2. What is the difference between SSI and SSD benefits?

Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) benefits are based on prior work, and Social Security Income (SSI) is based on financial need.

3. How long does it take to get disability benefits?

You should apply for SSD benefits immediately after you become disabled because the application can take a long time (three to five months or more) to process. Plus, if you are approved for benefits, you will not be paid until six full months after your disability began.

4. What if my child is disabled?

If your child is disabled or blind, he or she can receive Social Security Income (SSI) benefits from birth to age 18. An adult child, aged 18 and older, can receive Social Security Disability (SSD) benefits if he or she is disabled or blind. There are specifications for both of these benefits. You can learn more by talking to your Arkansas Social Security Disability attorney or visiting the Social Security Administration website.

5. Will I get medicare benefits if I receive SSD?

You will automatically be enrolled in Medicare after you receive Social Security Disability benefits for two years (24 months). There are stipulations to this policy. You can learn more by talking to your Arkansas Social Security Disability attorney or visiting the Social Security Administration website.


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