What is a Burn Injury?

When your body comes into contact with hot water, fire, or heat, the skin, muscles, and tissue can become damaged. In general, there are four distinct types of burns. Each burn is classified by the severity of the damage suffered.

First-degree Burn

This type of burn typically involves damage to the outer portion of skin, known as the epidermis. These burns are often red and sometimes painful. However, these burns typically heal quickly and do not require extensive medical treatment.

Second-degree Burn

Second-degree burns involve some injury to both the first and second layers of skin. Typically, second-degree burns are more painful and often swell. Blisters may form on the surface of the skin, and there is the possibility of some skin loss. Second-degree burns look wet and shiny and are often very red. Sometimes, second-degree burns result in permanent scarring.

Third-degree Burn

Third-degree burns are also called full-thickness burns because they damage the entire outer two layers of skin. These burns are not red and often painless since the nerve endings are typically damaged. These burns are usually black, brown, or white and will not heal without extensive treatment. Instead, burn victims often need to undergo surgeries and skin grafting. In extreme cases, amputation may be necessary in order to prevent complications.

Fourth-degree Burn

Of all the burns, this type of burn is the most life-threatening. All of the layers of the skin, as well as muscles, tendons, ligaments, and bones beneath the skin, are completely burned and destroyed. These burns look black and are painless. Amputation is typically required to prevent further life-threatening complications.

accident burns

Causes of Burn Injuries

There are many different ways an accident victim could suffer a burn injury. The most common include:

In a vehicle, the accident victim can suffer burns when their body comes into contact with hot objects or the pavement, sometimes even resulting from airbag deployment. In other situations, the vehicle may catch on fire, resulting in catastrophic burns.

Of all the different ways a burn can occur, fires and hot liquids are the most common. These two make up 77 percent of all burn injury accidents. Sadly, children are the victims in more than 66 percent of all scald accidents.

Burn Injury Treatment & Long-Term Prognosis

Burn injury victims may spend extensive time in a hospital or burn trauma center. They may need to undergo plastic surgeries and skin grafts for years, especially if they have suffered third-degree burns. Initially, doctors will need to stabilize the patient and prevent excessive fluid loss and organ failure. Once the initial wound has been treated, burn victims may require months and even years of therapy. If your burn injuries are the result of an auto other accident it is important that you contact a trusted law firm and personal injury attorney right away, as soon as you have received proper medical treatment.

The majority of burn injury victims will survive their injuries, but their lives may never be the same. Personal injury attorneys can make sure you have everything you need to claim the full compensation you deserve.

According to the National Institutes of Health, burn injuries have a long-lasting impact on the quality of a person’s life. Problems related to scarring, contractures, weakness, and thermoregulation can make living life difficult. In addition, burn injury victims often suffer body image issues and emotional distress. There may be significant disfigurement and scar tissue, making it difficult to enjoy their lives, maintain relationships, and continue employment.

Our Experience Matters

At Rainwater, Holt & Sexton, our Arkansas burn injury lawyers in Little Rock and beyond know how devastating a burn injury can be to accident victims. We know that these injuries often result in a lifetime of pain and suffering. That’s why we fight aggressively for our burn injury clients, to help them obtain the maximum compensation they are entitled to. We have helped numerous injured accident victims in Arkansas and Tennessee put their lives together again after a serious burn injury. While no amount of compensation could ever right the wrongs that have been done, you and your family should not have to suffer unnecessary financial burdens as well. Here are just a few of the personal injury settlements we have obtained for our clients.

Injured in an Accident?

If you’ve suffered a serious burn injury in an accident in Arkansas, you need a personal injury law firm that has experience representing burn injury victims.

At Rainwater, Holt, & Sexton, our burn injury attorneys know that burn injuries can result in significant disability and disfigurement. This can lead to a lifetime of pain and suffering, as well as large medical bills. That’s why we fight aggressively for burn injury victims  from the moment they connect with us.

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