BAT Mobile in Use With Arkansas State Troopers

August 29, 2011

While the caped crusader may not be behind the wheel, Arkansas State Troopers now have a BAT Mobile and the new vehicle is as tricked-out with crime fighting gadgets as you may imagine. An article by FOX 16 states troopers will use the mobile breath alcohol testing unit at sobriety checkpoints throughout the state.

The 42-foot long, $193,000 converted truck was made possible by a grant from the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration as part of its national campaign to combat drunk driving. The government will disburse more than $14 million in these grants nationwide.

The BAT mobile can act as a mobile command center and testing site for impaired drivers at sobriety checkpoints. This will allow for faster and more accurate processing of test results in drunk driving cases. It will also serve as an educational tool making appearances with law enforcement at events across the state.

The unit was put into action at a checkpoint over the weekend and will continue to make appearances on central Arkansas roads throughout Labor Day weekend.

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